Our Vision:

The breeding of a Brahman which, under South African climatological conditions yields economical results due to its adaptability and efficient utilization of natural grazing and the total quality improvement of the breed.


  To encourage the breeding and improvement of the genetic production potential of Brahman cattle by exercising the powers and duties vested in the Society in         terms of the Livestock Improvement
     Act and laying down of a national policy for the importing and exporting of Brahman cattle, semen and ova; 
  To maintain the purity of Brahman cattle and to use all possible and available means to promote interest in the breed;
  To keep and maintain proper records of data of Brahman cattle and their progeny by means of available technology;
  To collect and process Performance data of Brahman cattle and to set standards which can be used as a basis for selection and as minimum registration standards,     as well as thus to identify and
    eliminate problems in the breeding of Brahman cattle;
  To carry out research and promotion in connection with Brahman cattle.