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Pryse Styg Sterk

Die vraag na geregistreerde Brahman-aanteelvee het die afgelope ses maande ’n beduidende gunstige neiging getoon.

The “steaks” are high to produce healthier foods

Bos indicus influenced cattle have received a bad rap for their less-marbled beef product, but as the push for healthier foods has risen in recent years, it provides opportunity for Bos indicus breeds to market a leaner product.

Brahman Meat Quality

Brahman test bulls finishing before Slaughter.

SA successfully negotiates resumption of most agri exports

Despite having lost its foot-and-mouth disease (FMD)-free status in January 2019, South African authorities have negotiated the resumption of trade in livestock products between the country and a number of export destinations.

Handle Livestock with Less Stress

Too often working cattle stresses both man and beast, straining marriages and sometimes even resulting in injury to an animal, or a cattle handler.

Brahman Genotyping

What is a Genotype? The genetic makeup of an organism or group of organisms with reference to a single trait, set of traits, or an entire complex of traits.
The sum total of genes transmitted from parent to offspring.

South African Brahman Selection Indexes

There are three standard selection indexes calculated for South African Brahman animals. These are Brahman Rangeland Grazing Index, Brahman Wean Index and Brahman Feedlot Index. Each selection index has been developed for a different production/market scenario.

Docility scoring in Brahman cattle

Brahman cattle are renowned for their gentle temperaments and ease of handling, making them low-risk when handling, here’s how to score their temperament.

Rooivleisbedryf span saam teen bek-en-klouseer

Al die vertakkings van die rooivleisbedryf het besluit om saam in die voorry van die skrum teen bek-en-klouseer te sak. Daar bestaan kommer dat dit nie die laaste uitbreking van dié gevreesde siekte, wat die bedryf onberekenbare skade berokken, gaan wees nie.

The Myths and Truths of Crossbreeding

Beef producers are often unsure what’s true and what’s not with crossbreeding, which is why two Kansas State University researchers have teamed up to answer some of the most common questions they have.

Docility in Brahman cattle

Docility in cattle is determined by the manner in which cattle behave when they are handled by humans, or put in a situation outside of the norm, such as being separated from the herd or put into a cattle crush.

Bright Future for SA Brahman

Sydney Hunt, President of the SA Brahman Society, is guiding the Brahmans into the challenging future of global warming and climate change.