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Docility in Brahman cattle

Docility in cattle is determined by the manner in which cattle behave when they are handled by humans, or put in a situation outside of the norm, such as being separated from the herd or put into a cattle crush.

Bright Future for SA Brahman

Sydney Hunt, President of the SA Brahman Society, is guiding the Brahmans into the challenging future of global warming and climate change.

Animal Recording: The importance of correct procedures

Animal breeding and recording has come a long way since the formation of the first Breeding Societies around the 1760’s, when the first recordings, based on pedigree information, commenced.

Mothering Ability in Brahman Cattle Part 2

Mothering ability may be one of the most important traits when it comes to selecting genetics for your breeding herd.

Mothering Ability in Brahman Cattle

Mothering ability is influenced by a number of factors, such as genetics and environment, and it is widely accepted that a cow’s mothering ability is directly related with the growth rate of her calf, and its weight at weaning.

Speenkalfpryse is baie goeie nuus

Speenkalfpryse het vandeesweek vir die tweede agtereenvolgende week gestyg nadat dit aan die begin van die jaar met sowat 20% gedaal het.

The “steaks” are high to produce healthier foods

With the demand for healthier foods rising with every passing year, it may be the opportunity Bos indicus breeds need to appeal to the greater consumer market.

Sponssiektes lei tot vinnige vrektes

Sponssiekte word veroorsaak deur die Clostridium-bakterieë en die besmetting van diere lei gewoonlik tot akute vrektes. Hennie Maas praat op RSG Landbou met dok Faffa Malan hieroor.

Brahmans: The Kings of Crossbreeding

The Brahman breed is an excellent choice for crossbreeding due to the high level of hybrid vigour shown by the offspring of these crosses.

Three-day Stiff-sickness in Brahmans

Three-day Stiff-sickness (TDS), also known as Bovine Ephemeral Virus, is a viral disease that affects cattle and buffaloes, commonly spread by insects such as biting midges.

The importance of following the correct procedures in Animal Recording

Jacque Francois Els writes about the importance of following the correct procedures in animal recording.

Brahmantelers deel suksesverhale

Hope sukses word behaal deur Suid-Afrikaanse Brahmantelers wat aan die vleisbeesgenomikaprojek (VGP) deelneem. Mnr. Sietze Smit skryf hier oor ’n paar.