Breed Strong points

  Economic Efficiency: 
Reduces financial inputs by efficient utilization of extensive grazing.

  Lengthens Marketing Period: 
Qualifies for A and AB grades for as long as 32 months

he inherent capacity to be still productive at a very high age (15-18 years).

  Parasite Resistance: 
Due to the animals smooth coat, loose pliable skin, black pigmentation and oil gland secretion (cebum), the breed is capable of controlling parasites efficiently.

The ability of the breed to perform and reproduce despite extreme environmental conditions

To excel in diverse environmental conditions.

  Mothering Ability: 
Excellent instinctive ability to protect calf and create an ideal environment for it.

  Calving Ease:
The inherent capacity of the cow to restrict prenatal growth with resulting lower birth weight. The characteristic sloping rump furthermore eases the birth process

  Heterosis (Hybrid Vigour):
King of heterosis